Used Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo - $450AUD (Might be able to go down to 400)

New Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo - $850AUD (Guaranteed lowest price I'm gonna get)

My question is, would it be smarter to buy the used amp (1.5 years old - still has original valves/tubes, no cosmetic damage, and is advertised as an 'As New' product) and have it serviced, replace anything that needs replacing etc.
Or just go with the new? If the servicing takes the total price of the used above ~$600 I'd prefer to go new.
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is that american dollars? 850 is too high for a 6505+ 112 combo new. I actually am buying a new one today. for 600 + tax. If it was me. If i could find a used one for 400. I would probably grab it. As long as i could check it out/ or be able to return it in x amount of days.
For me, I'd go used, see what state the tubes are in and work from there.

If it's "as new" then it probably hasn't been gigged often, so the driver should be fine too.

Even if both of those need replacing, I doubt it'd come to $400AUD.
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is that american dollars?

It's AUD$ - Australian Dollars (it states that in the first sum but I didn't repeat it)

Everything is stupidly marked up over here hah :\

- $850 is the lowest new price around for the combo with the usual being about $1099+
Used is usually a better choice if you can be pretty sure of getting one in good condition. If you look at one and think it might have issues, then ask yourself: "what's my peace of mind worth?"

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another thing to take into account is the new comes with 12 Month warranty where the used obviously doesn't
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another thing to take into account is the new comes with 12 Month warranty where the used obviously doesn't

True - but for half the cost I'd take the used one any day.

If the used one has never been serviced then that means it is a good one. Another benefit is that the speaker will be broken in Yes, you will need new tubes at some point but I would worry about that right now. If you gig, get some spares.

Another downside of buying a new on is that you could get a DOA unit and end up shipping it back for another one anyway.

If you can't tell - I'm a big proponent of used gear. Overall, it is a better value for your money.
anyone thinking about buying a 6505/peavey. may want to check out the next gen. Valve King. There will be 3 versions. 20w micro head/cab, 20 watt/50 watt combos. The nice thing about these is they will have variable power control(1 watt,5 watt or full power) as well as usb out for recording and a tube monitoring indicater(to warn of tube failure) among other features. you can check it out at the peavey site or thetoneking.com has video of the micro at NAMM 2013. have not found a release date. But could be worth waiting for. maybe someone has the full story on these. would like to know more