I'm looking for a very growly tone with my Rick. Are there any strings on the market that produce more of a growl than the strings the Rick comes with. Are the strings it comes with any good? I know the ones that came with my p-bass were pretty worthless but I haven't changed the strings on my Rick yet because I like the tone, I'm just wondering if it can be improved upon
Yeah you can get Lemmy Kilmister originals, they're just like regular strings but they've spent the last forty years soaking in Jack Daniels.
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How old are the strings on it? They could just be dead and any new strings might bring some growl back.

They are pretty new and still growly. Just wondering if other strings would have a superior sound. Trying to get the kind of sound you here in like the isolated bass track of heartbreaker, limelight, or Won't get fooled again.
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limelight, or Won't get fooled again.

Well, both Geddy Lee and John Entwistle use(d) Rotosound strings predominantly, so that's where I'd be starting. Great for that growl.
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I second the Rotosound 66s. But if you want something even more aggressive (and your fingers don't mind playing on cheese graters), try Dean Markley's Skullbusters. They're very good, and the Zombie-green silks on the string ends are pretty cool.
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