I'm trying to figure out how to play the main theme in Alan Stivells take on Spered Hollvedel (An old Celtic song) from Live in Dublin (Awsome song, awsome consert!). Here it is: [forbidden link] Edit: Hmm, why are youtube links forbidden? Thats completely idiotic. Oh well, just search for "alan stivell live in dublin spered hollvedel" and the top result should be the correct one.
The main theme starts at 0:19 on some kind of vielle or something (I would appreciate if someone could tell me exactly what instrument it is). Then later it's played on guitar.

I think it's played in the G dorian scale, possibly C dorian. But I'm far from sure!

What I have figured out this far is this:

D D C A# C - C D - D G G F G F CD -

Something like this. I have not tried to get tempo and so on correct, just the right notes.


But I really suck at finding out notes/tabs from songs :/ So I would greatly appreciate any help! A tab would be nice, but notes are ok to!

Thank you!
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