I build monster customs. Love the higher pot values such as a 1 meg tone pot along side a 500k volume pot. As for tone....Lets just say it like it very versatile. I use 6 position rotary switches with 6 caps usually. What's your angle? If you like to build. Add me, share pics, and join my group. I'm sure we can all learn from each other!
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It really depends on the mods I'm making. Most guitars get 500k or 250k from me. I've only put 1Meg in one guitar for someone else.
I actually use a direct-out switch on my RG520 for the Super Distortion in the bridge. I like the added bite that it gives. And for my RG770DX, I have a no-load tone pot, so the pot is bypassed at 10. I usually use 500k pots for humbuckers and sometimes single coils(if it's an HSS config).

I will be using a 1 meg pot for the guitar I'm currently building(7 string bridge pickup that I'll be winding myself). That guitar will also feature a 2 position tone switch so I can snap the switch to get a thicker, smoother sound for leads and sweeps(since it won't have a neck pickup). I thought about adding a varitone rotary switch, but I figured I'd end up finding one capacitor I liked more than the others and never touching it again, so it would eventually be pointless.

Also, a pot or a switch can be used quite easily for an onboard passive fuzz. Anyone could swap the cap on a tone pot with 2 diodes to make it in about 5 minutes. More info here.
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