Sorry I'm doing this again.
Okay. Budget is £500.
Looking for a hard-tail guitar with easy access to upper frets. 24 frets preferably and set-neck or neck-thru with easy access to upper frets. Oh, and humbuckers. Two pairs. Low action and easy to use (because I'm kinda amateur at playing, maybe less) to play all sorts of metal.

I have a few in mind...

Fernandes Dragonfly Standard
Godin Redline HB
BC Rich Mockingbird STQ

Thank you!
Are you willing to buy used? If so, a preowned Ibanez Prestige?

Chapman ML-2?
Something by Schecter?
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If you want a tune o matic the the viper would be awesome.

I have this one it is my main electric guitar has nice pickups actually

Just throwing some out there man, only you will know if its the one you want.
Good luck.
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Of the four you mentioned, the Godin may be the best in terms of overall quality of its construction. Godin is real tight on their QC. And it is going to have relatively hot pickups- that's a nice budget shred machine.

The Fernandes would be my guess as being the second best made of the four. I got a Ravelle Elite last year, and have been impressed with it to no end. It might be slightly more versatile for metal tones than the Godin.
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