Ok so in next few weeks I'm gonna be covering 4 songs ,my set up will be guitar /line 6 pod /apogee jam /apple mac /garage band

ok so from doing a lot of research it seems I should multi track all the guitar parts so 2 or 4 times ..and I should pan each part differently ,should I have different effects on each track too and should I put them all in millisecond delays of each other ?

also should I multitrack track lead parts too or just Rythem ?? any advice would be welcomed greatly !

the songs il be covering are teen spirit ,shout at the devil ,knock em dead kid and you could be mine by nirvana ,motley crue and GnR
the milli second delays are if you use the same guitar track, personally I would record the track a few times using different amp sims, rather than having the exact same tone on every guitar.

Take a DI of your guitar too for later re-amps. What might sound like a good tone on it's own might sound like absolute crap in a mix. Remember your bass should be in the bass frequency area and not your guitar! If you're trying to provide the bottom end with your guitar you will end up with a muddy mix. Cut off the low frequencies at a point where there is enough clarity in the bass guitar parts.
2 parts OK 4 obsesive.
Reaper not Garage band
Different fx yes
Delay no
Pod bad, mic in front of real valve amp much better
lead should really only need one track if trad sound wanted - would have only been 1 track in NWOBHM for example
don't know what jam is or wot it might do for you

if you record only a single take of a part, that is what the milliseconds delay comes from. if you record the same part multiple times, you dont need to do that. you would just pan them to opposite sides to get width.

as for differing tones (or FX), that is up to you and the sound you want. some people prefer to have two tracks that are very similar in sound, other people prefer to have different sounds. it is up to what kind of sound you want in your final mix. you should try both.

as for double tracking leads, you can if want. lots of people do, lots of people dont. a single take with a delay (or something) can sound very full and sit well in a mix.
Line 6 Pods are just terrible. Either get an actual audio interface (see the Audio Interface Sticky) or mic your amp (assuming your amp is capable of good distortion [read: is NOT a practice amp]). You're also going to want to read the Amp Sims/Cab sims sticky, so that you can learn about Amp Sims & Cab sims & IRs.

Also, do NOT use Garage Band. It is not good for serious mixing. At all. Download Reaper. Pay $60 at the end of the trial period. (If you can't save up $60 in 60 days, then you shouldn't be able to able say...a candy bar. Ever.) Reaper is, hands down, the best quality budget mixing software out there. The only downside to Reaper is that it isn't good for electronic music, but you won't be doing that anyway...
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the line 6 pod 2.0 I got was for free ,but why is it crap are the effects /amp sounds crap compared to other devices ? (I'm very new to all this ) ok so I might give reaper a try then since its been mentioned twice now ,my amp is a marshall MG30 CFX ,it cost me 200 bucks then so wove here told me it wasn't any good and only a practice amp I was raging. !! I'm only playing over a year but I'd still like a good quality set up ,so basically what your telling me is all my gear is crap for recording ?

What about my apogee jam that's an interface ?

so what I should have is guitar /apogee jam /laptop / reaper ? Would that be much better ?
What a load of crap. The POD is a still a really solid choice for modelling, they're a lot of fun to use and sound pretty damn good with the right cabinet IRs. The POD cabs suck though.
POD's are okay live, same with most line 6 stuff. I still wouldn't wanna record with one though, but it's all you have, it could be far worse.

The only reason I dis Pod Farm and the like Sam, is because if you don't already have it and looking for an amp sim you can do far better. If you already have one it's a different story.
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