I am in need of information of what shall be the best choice for changing the stock pickups (CAP-Active) in my Ibanez RGA-42 (which has a mahogany body).


I play metal/rock and pickups with a sweet clean tone and clear well-defined distortion (a subjective term, but I don't know any better way to describe what exactly I have in my mind) is what I want.

I do not have any preference of active/passive or vice versa. I would want pickups that would best suit my guitar.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Can you tell us a couple other things to help give you some better suggestions?

What do you dislike about your current pickups?
Can you give an example of the tones you want?
What amp are you using?
I wish to go for new pickups because the present pickups have a much compressed output, I would prefer more dynamics. Also, the bridge pickup have too much mids. I would like a distortion tone with lesser mids and more bass and highs.I also need a mellow overdrive sound, with violin like sustain and and a tight and bright clean tone.

I am at present using an Ibanez-tsa 15H head with matched cab, and use a digitech hardwire tl2 pedal for distortion, a boss bd2 and ibanez ts9 for overdrive.
If you want a well defined tone, I suggest Seymour Duncan Blackouts. My favorites are an AHB-1 in the bridge and a Livewire Classic (not Livewire Metal) in the neck.

But EMG's are a solid choice too. You could use 81/60 or 85/89, which are my personal favorites.

For passives, I would say a Seymour Duncan SH-5 or SH-6 in the bridge and a SH-2 in the neck. For Dimarzios, D-Activators FTW.
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