I have an audition in a few weeks and I've been trying to think of a song to play to showcase my skill. I don't want a blues cop-out like little wing and I don't want to play any extremely fast show-off solo of any genre. I'd prefer it to be of or inspired by jazz, but it doesn't have to be if it has integrity. To give you an idea, my current backup plan is Neon by John Mayer... simply because (i've played it for years and I won't screw up ) it's jazzy, somewhat fast/complicated, fun to play, and interesting throughout the verse/chorus/bridge; as opposed to chords, chords, chords, facemelting solo, chords chords end.
even for an audition, music isn't made to be showy. if you play something you naturally groove on and gravitate towards, it will always be authentic and genuine and the judges will be able to appreciate the attention to nuance and flow that will inherently come from actually enjoying the music thoroughly.

if you don't like any music and just dissect everything based on how fun or hard or cool it is to play, idk go be autistic somewhere
modes are a social construct
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Thanks for the lecture, but not interested.

i found a hobby you might be better at TS
modes are a social construct
Medley of your favorite songs, that's what our band did last time.. quite succesful