Hi all

I've recently started to fret differently on high speed riffs (12nps+), instead of precisely placing the ball of my fingers on the strings - I'm now laying my fingers diagonally across the strings, with my thumb wrapped around the guitar - instead of the usual thumb under the fret board. And it's sounding really great - esp on the lower strings - the notes are a lot more "Bloomy" defined and yet undefined - if you get my meaning, on the higher strings - it doesn't really changed the sound as such - but it does look like my hand is a crazy out of control octopus when doing a scale run down. Just wondering if anybody else has done this for a extended period of time and what the outcome was?


Under the fretboard? Surely you mean behind the neck, if not, you've been playing with poor technique. I'd always recommend classical position for fast riffs, especially if your hand looks out of control, with speed, you're after small precise movements.