I am sure the message is pretty clear, what I want in my band and to do it to be like... for example Green Day, there are many more but just start with that.

They are very entertaining, very great to listen to.. awesome, but there is a deep meaning to the lyrics which is what I want.

I want it all to be entertaining for those who don't listen to lyrics, and for those who decided to, they realize what it is really saying.

I don't know a name yet, but here it is.

(It would start with a guitar lick I have and then baseline + drums )

Verse 1:
Taken for granted, it isn't too late
Controlled by the mass media, choosing your fate
Following the shepard like a herd of sheep.
Making the plan to fruition, fallen in the trap
The black sheep, wise but different can see that.
Warning the others, preaching conspiracy
Made out to be the odd one out by the leader
Who would have known he held the key

Open up . your EYES
See what I can see.

Open up. your EYES
Things aren't what their dressed to be.

Open up. your MIND
Right in front of you biggest secrets lie.

Open up. your MIND
At the end, be happy to say you tried.

Verse 2:
Clear blue skies, inspiring sunrise
Smiles matched with rainbow-like eyes
Each in harmony waiting for peaceful surmise
This place is built for us to fall for their rise.
Fall prey into defeat, I am wise.
Marching to the beat of my own drum
Appearing as dumb, for all others to make fun
In the end, those will be thinking "He was the one"

Chorus 2:
Open up . your EYES
Discover what truly lies.

Open up. your EYES
Don't be surprised what there is to find.

Open up. your MIND
Right in front of you biggest secrets lie.

Open up. your MIND
At the end, be happy to say you tried.

Verse 3:
Puppets , each and every one.
Happy to be strung up, and thrown around
Majority rules, fear of being judged and alone.
The shows begins, and the curtain rises
Only some will then realize and become wise
Controlled from head to toe, and content
The room is black, but in the shadows they watch
Emotions, events, disasters, all for their amusement.

Chorus 3:
Open up. your EYES
See what you failed to see.

Open up. your EYES.
Don't be surprised what you failed to find.

Open up. your MIND.
Right in front of you, biggest secrets lie

Open up. your MIND
Only at the end will you see it was all a lie.
Too heavy-handed. Too many clichés ("OPEN YOUR EYES! OPEN YOUR MIND!"). The last bit rhymes "lie" with "lie" (if you find yourself reaching for a rhyme, keep in mind that it doesn't always have to rhyme, and it might be worth it not to bother). The thing is, even if the music is good, overly preachy lyrics can turn people off the music once they read them. And I say this as more of a music person myself.
True.. The way I envision it, it would have a powerful voice behind it, but I want it to be something along the lines of mind / eyes for the chorus like that. Sorta like catchy, hooky
The problem with that is that if you sing coherently enough for people to understand what you're saying (hey, I listen to black metal), the lyrics will factor into their enjoyment of the song. A catchy hook with clever, accessible, and/or relateable lyrics, is Billboard Top 100 fodder. A catchy hook with lyrics that yank the listener out of their reverie, and make them go "what did he just say"? That's the stuff of an SNL skit.
Well, before I REALLY listened to lyrics and read them, etc. I didn't ever listen to what they were, I had NO idea what any of my favorite songs were about, what the words really were .. I knew what they were cause I could sing to them, but that was it... it was weird. Just the way they were harmonized I suppose.
Id have to agree very cliché, I know it's hard to break away from that I've been writing for about 3 years now and it sucks. One out of every 5 songs is good and you just have to learn that and take other peoples advice. Try being less literal more metaphorical. It helps a lot trust me