I'm looking to get that Frusciante Wah sound.

I would have just bought the Wh10v2 but i've heard alot of people say it sucks crazy amounts of tone.

Could anybody recommend a great wah pedal (ideally cheaper than the Wh10v2)

Vox v845?
Jim dunlop GCB 95 Cry Baby?
Vox 847 reissue?
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Most vox and crybaby variants have terrible bypass issues. Your high end is just destroyed. You could always mod one to have a true bypass switch though which is not all that expensive and turns it into a pretty good pedal. I use a bad horsie 2 sometimes tho I can't say that I recommend it.
The GCB 95 would work fine. So would the Vox probably.

My vote goes to the 95Q or 535Q though.
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fulltone clyde (std or deluxe), RMC? chi-wah-wah (http://www.plutoneium.com/aboutchiwahwah.asp)?

i have a clyde std and love it. the fulltone deluxe is more versatile, but i like my $90 used clyde std. i just happened to be at the right page at the right time. both the std and deluxe are nice because they have a much longer sweep than any duncans or voxes i have tried.

the RMC wizard wah is amazing, if i ever get sick of the fulltone that is what i would go for.

and also the chi-wah-wah, several members have mentioned and i have heard that people don't go back after a chi-wah-wah. however i would imagine them a little awkward with the sweep at first. they are the size of a typical pedal (boss for ex) and sound really good, although i have yet to try one.

also a lot of people swear by Morely, they aren't my favorite though, get cath in here and he will tell you all you need to know if you are looking for a morely.
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Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah
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my vote goes to the 535q. a fantastic wah for a decent price.
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