Anyone have any experience with the Carvin Vintage 16? There is one on my local craigslist for $300, but I think I could talk him down to 225-250. I just sold my tube halfstack, and will be selling another amp, so I'll have the funds. I'm not currently in a band (hence selling off some gear to downsize) and I'll mainly be using it for recording. I play blues and classic rock, as well as some heavier instrumental music ala Vai, Satch, etc. I'll drive it with and OD/Distortion pedal for heavier stuff.

How does it sound (tonal characteristics, voicing, etc)? How reliable is it? How well does it take pedals? Thanks!
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I've been looking at one of these as well. They go new for $350. Carvin amps in general are decent quality but kind of sterile sounding. They don't really have a good signature tone of their own. The Vintage 16 has a good clean channel with plenty of headroom and a usable gain circuit though I find it better to push pedals through it on the clean side. It does not have an effects loop like the higher wattage version does.