I can't believe the crap that Gibson is putting out. Just to say Made in USA?
I thought Les Paul quality had been declining for a few years and the prices where way to high. But this is ridiculous. The wrap around bridge isn't even intonated. When will they admit that their guitars were MIC after Katrina. I have much more to say on this matter but I'm done ranting. Back to rehearsal.
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When will they admit that their guitars were MIC after Katrina.

Why would they admit to something that isn't true?
Katrina? Wut?

I'm very curious though, how can you tell the quality of this instrument from stock pictures? Have you ever seen a wraparound bridge before? Gibson has been using these on their lower guitars for decades.. I could name at least 10 models that use these

Edit: what do I care. Gibson sucks.
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nice troll thread ts.
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