I recently set up my strat to factory specs. Now I am having tuning stability problems. Strings always going sharp. What am I doing wrong? Bridge is 1/8" off the body and I am not using the bar.
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If it's after whammy bar usage it could be the strings are getting snagged slightly in the nut, just rub a pencil in the grooves, the graphite acts like a lubricant.
I would also ask if you have stretched your strings thoroughly, but not doing that makes your strings go flat not sharp :S so I don't think it is that.
If it's not MIA (2 point trem) it's probably not going to stay in tune if you float it. Double check that the string tension is correct though, if your strings are going sharp then maybe try loosening them a bit.

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What I would do is use something to hold the bridge at the correct angle and then tighten down the springs until that piece doesn't move and then tune the guitar to pitch and set it up.

Once that is done (and the bridge doesn't move), slowly let the spring tension out little by little until the piece under the bridge slides out easily. if you do it right, everything should have the correct tension and be balanced out.

As others have said, its also a good idea to make sure the nut has some type of graphite or "nut sauce" in there to keep everything lubricated. Also check to make sure that the sting angle is correct from the nut to the tuners.
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Where do you store it?
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It is a MIA Strat with a 2 point trem bridge. The nut is graphite. Always in its case when not being used. If I have it set up professionally, I don't have this problem. I have watched enough videos on line, I thought I'd try it myself. Can't seem to get it right though. Guess I will take it to a tech and have it done. Thanks for all the replies.
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Had my guitar set up. I a new tech for the set up. When I got the guitar home, I noticed that the low E string is really tight to the wood behind the nut. I can't slip a piece of paper between the wood and the string. I'm thinking there should be somewhat of a gap between them. Any opinions on this?