Photo cred: Alex Moscall (A-Photograph ) and Sheldon Steinbach

Toronto metal band Dreamers is the musical brainchild of John Bernardo and Steve Sugrim, who along with guitarist Matthew Coelho have persevered through many hardships since forming in 2010. One of the largest challenges for any developing band is finding the right members who are passionate and committed.

After an extensive search Dreamers are proud to announce their new lineup. Introducing a man who defines Beast-Mode, Adrian Desousa on vocals and the newest member Matt Trozzi on drums, who some may recognize from The Bunny The Bear .

Watch Matt Trozzi's Video Introduction: http://youtu.be/XJ4uXU_STP8

The official debut performance of the new and improved Dreamers will be during Canadian Music Week 2013 on Thursday March 21 at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto. Buy tickets to Dreamers CMW Showcase check here or Buy a 6-Day CMW wristband here .

Catch Dreamers LIVE at:
Thu March 21 - Hard Luck Bar - Toronto, ON (CMW Showcase)
Fri April 19 - Rehearsal Factory - Mississauga, ON w/ Abiotic & Dark Sermon
Sat April 27 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto, ON w/ Odium & Deathpoint

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