First I would like to thank the entire staff of n stuff music in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the absolutely outstanding service.I originally went down to buy a taylor 918e but ended up with something a bit different. First let me say that the 918 is an amazing guitar but the GO with rosewood back and sides is jusy a bit bass heavy for me. It played extreamly well but just a bit to much bass for what I was looking for. I played well over 20 taylor guitars, all of them over $3000. This is what I got, a Taylor custom GS, sinker top, rosewood back and sides with Koa binding, koa mini wedge and blue purfling. Enjoy!!!

thanks for making me wet my pants on a thursday morning!! ( i usually try to save that for sundays) that is a beautiful new guitar ! congrats ! and you bought it in Martin's backyard too ! that Martin floormat under the Taylors was interesting by the way.
i'd love to hear some sound clips from that. havent tried a sinker Taylor yet, the only shop in my area has only 6 lower end taylors in stock. guitar shopping for me means...ROAD TRIP!!!!
Just when I thought my GAS was under control(I was on step 6), someone goes and posts that. Geezus, my wife is going to hate you.

That is a gorgeous guitar, enjoy. The shop looks pretty cool too. Thanks for posting the pics.
wow, that's a super guitar. i love the sound of a sinker top, and they look great, too
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thanks for making me wet my pants on a thursday morning!! ( i usually try to save that for sundays)
I've found if you do that randomly, they'll think you can't control it, rather than you're doing it on purpose. This is the pathway to garnering more sympathy, young "Depends" hopper......

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to practice walking on the Charmin paper without causing a tear.
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It is a super guitar for sure. It is an absolute cannon. Responds very well to a light touch though. If you strum is hard it never gives up. I like that because you can really control the dynamics of tbe sound.A good example would be playing something like simple man where you start out finger picking then move to strumming. You can really build up the volume with this guitar.