Hey guys, I've got a Charvel 650XL, I want to get a DiMarzio crunchlab (Petrucci bridge) humbucker, but am wondering what single coils to get.

Looking for something very versatile, want a nice clean jazz sound, and also to have a little twang in the centre.

I would go with SSL-1 in the middle and SSL-5 in the neck. The CL will overpower these, though.
Thanks for the suggestion, I probably should have mentioned in the OP that not all pickups are going to fit

If you actually want a jazz sound in the neck, you probably wanna go for a humbucker, not single coil. The only single-sized humbucker I know of that has that type of sound is the Seymour Duncan Little '59, so I'd recommend that for the neck. For the middle I'd recommend either Seymour Duncan Antiquties (Surf or Texas Hot) or some Kent Armstrongs (there are a lot of good choices: Vintage Strat, Tweed Tone, Texas Vintage, or the Icon 54, 57, or 62 could all work depending on what kind of sound you want).