Hi dear members of UG!! Its me again, how's it going? I hope you are all fine. I am currently using a Line6 Floor POD guitar amp modeling pedal and I'm having problem to create a decent lead tone. Among many, I really like the lead tone of the following songs:

Slash - Don't cry, Sweet child o' mine
Vivian Campbell - Rainbow in the dark, Holy Diver
Adrian Smith - Children of the damned, The evil that men do
Joe Satriani - Always with me always with you

I need to know the parameters of the following effects:
Delay and Reverb [if necessary]

I will be really grateful if anyone cares to help me by giving the proper effect parameters and also any constructive suggestion regarding tone creating will also be appreciated.
There's the ultimate settings thread
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Quote by tas38
There's the ultimate settings thread

I didn't know that there is a thread which is particularly dedicated for the tone setting here in UG. Thank you for informing me about it.