Heya, just wondering if anyone's managed to get that guitar solo tone Curtis uses on tracks like "superfly", "future shock" and a little in "can't say nothing". I know he's using wah a lot on these tracks, but I mean the guitar soloing that sounds kinda like when slide guitarists slide up to a note and turn their pickup volume up at the same time, it kinda phases in, except it's on every note. Any ideas as to what this is?
It sounds like volume swells done with the guitar volume knob. You can also use a volume pedal for similar effect.
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It would be pretty difficult to manipulate a wah and a volume pedal at the same time. Also, it would be pretty difficult to manipulate the volume knob and play those scratchy rhythms and licks the entire time. My conclusion: studio effects.
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It's a tremolo pedal in phase with the BPM of the track on Superfly, and a volume pedal without wah on Future Shock.
The late, great Curtis Mayfield tuned his guitar to F# most of the time, as I have been informed. Evidently, he tuned it to the black keys on the piano in his church, where he learned to play.

Now all you need to match his tone is about 10,000 tons of pure funk and unadulterated soul!

R.I.P. Curtis. You are indeed missed.
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