Guys i really need your advises telling me a series of books (listing books) that are from Beginner (scales , chords and how they work- rhythm ) to advanced (advanced harmony and odd meter rhythms) ....am looking into getting to a level of theory and fretboard mastery like Tosin abasi (yep am completly new to music theory , i only know the notes names and intervals)
Harmony and Theory by Shroeder and Wyatt

Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles by Pedler (don't be fooled by the title. If I were to imagine what a perfect theory book would be like, it'd be a lot like this. Yes, great for songwriters. But just a stunningly great accomplishment.)
I just got that book , its litterly amaazing ...but i noticed it focuses so much on the Music staff ......can i learn from that book by the text and info only (not looking at the musical staff examples).
Pretty much every general music theory book uses staff notation because it's the universal musical language. I would advise you brush up on your reading skills, it'll be an advantage in the long run.
Most of the time, he points out what's crucial on the staff with arrows and diagrams and stuff. Since the music is so familiar, you will rarely need to know how to read music to figure out his point.

And there is zero need to be able to sight-read in real time.

That being said, if you're interested in music theory, learn at least enough about notation to be able to figure it out. This isn't that hard and won't take you that long, and is ultimately a good skill to have. There are a few times in the book when it's useful.
My favorite harmony text is "Tonal Harmony with an Introduction to 20th Century Music" by Kostka and Payne. It is very comprehensive and the section on post-tonal theory is pretty good for being a mere "introduction" although it doesn't go into the detail of texts specifically aimed at Atonal theory.

It is available on amazon (where I purchased it) for only $69 for the hard-cover. It is a real textbook, so that is quite a good deal IMO.