Hey guys, so i've decided to part ways with my Orange stack and make the switch over to drums. I wasn't sure if anyone here actually had a kit so i'm labeling it just for sale but if you have a kit of equal value please feel free to post. Here is what i have:

Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII - (bought in 2011) i'm pretty sure i have the receipt from Guitar Center
Orange PPC212 2x12 Open Back cabinet loaded with Celestion V30's, which was onl recently bought, not even a year old w/receipts.

Both of these are MINT, i used to be in a band but we didn't get that serious so these were never toured with, just played a few shows out here and there. The Head has a minor scratch on the tolex in the front but other than that it's pristine. I'll post one pic and if i have some serious offers or need to post more i will. I'm asking $2400 for everything considering this is $3000+ of gear here.