Thanks mate, but I'd like to know if the power supply I've got with me right now works because I have absolutely no money.
the short answer: yes, the stagg power supply should work.

so i googled the pedal and found out the power supply for use with the jerry cantrell signature crybaby is a Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter .

it looks like this

there are critical bits of info that you should pay attention to

the input the plug is expecting is circled in blue. in general this is not important, if you are in the US then most likely all the power supplies will expect inputs if ~120V AC 60 Hz.

the output is what you are really paying attention to. a pedal expects certain output from the power supply. you'll see 3 values circled in red:

Voltage: measured in volts (V) is a measure of electric potential (whatever that means ). you'll want to match the output the pedal is expecting. some pedals can work off of higher voltages or lower voltages, unless you know otherwise i recommend matching the voltages.

Current (Type): this will be either Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). most pedals you will run across will require DC, but there are pedals out there that do require AC.

Current (Amount): this is the actual amount of electrons a pedal can provide to power pedals. the max current draw is measured in Amps (A) or milli-Amps (mA) (1000 mA are in 1 A). you will need a power supply that can provide at least as much current as a pedal requires.

for example: a pedal may require 250 mA, the power supply must provide at least 250 mA output. a power supply that can provide 500 mA or even 1A is still a perfectly acceptable power supply. a power supply that can only provide 150 mA won't be able to power the pedal adequately.

There is also one more parameter to pat attention to: polarity. this is the odd symbol circled in green.

Polarity: i won't get technical on this. you will want to match the polarity, make sure the power supply and the pedal have the same symbol. both symbols have a name

some call it positive centered or negative centered as well.


-the power supply should be the standard input (if not the plug is usually shaped funny anyway so it won't fit)

-make sure the power supply's Voltage Output and the pedal's Voltage Input match

-make sure the power supply provides the correct type of current (AC or DC)

-make sure the power supply can provide enough current. you'll want the power supply's mA number to be bigger than the pedal's mA number.

-the power supply's polarity symbol should match the pedal's polarity symbol.
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