So basically I can't stand the alnico 3 that comes with my strat in the bridge (or anywhere else in the guitar for that matter) so I'm gutting it and putting a chopper t in the neck and one in the bridge. I'm replacing the middle pup with a lace hot gold.

My question is should I just adjust them to the same height as the existing alnico 3's, or does it not even matter?

All responses welcome. thanks.
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Yeah man. Just listen
start off as close as you can and then slowly back them off until you hit that spot that sounds "right"...it varies for every single pick up
Be careful with any single coil or single coil-size pickup. The magnets are so strong that they can pull the strings out of tune as they vibrate and they will murder your sustain. Starting higher and backing off is what you do with humbuckers; with single-sized pickups you want to start low and raise them until you get to where they sound good to you and do not be tempted to raise them higher for more output (that's what things like Hot Rails and Super Distortion S pickups are for). The exception are the Lace Sensors, which have a weaker magnetic field.
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Mr. Flibble apparently has a very good grasp of physics.

Because of the reasons he has stated above (and one more below) I always have pickups as low as possible.

They also interfere with picking if too high.

The other reason is that a close pickup can act a little like your finger touching a string when you want to produce a harmonic in that it wants to hold the string in it's field.......which means the string will find a way to vibrate more enthusiastically everywhere except where the pickup is and produce a harmonic which might not be pleasing to the ear.

Try out lowering your pickups but be careful not to run out of screw length and end up with the pickup being loose, a spring rattling around in there, and a bolt that no longer is threaded into pickup.