ok so i just dowloaded loopy llama (great FREE plugin) so i can record loops on the fly, but im trying to use multiples instances of it all tempo synced to my daw so i can use a mixer to drop out certain instances, phrases, etc. but my issue is that i am using an audio track with guitar rig on it to get my tone but every channels monitoring has to be on so the audio can get to the loopy llamas which means that as soon as i actually stop playing, the mix drastically decreases in volume, which i most definitely do not want. so if anyone could help me out i thank you in advance!
im thinking maybe setting up and effects chain with multiple loopers so its only two tracks monitoring the audio as oppose to however many loopers i would have..... but it would be a hassle to do this live.
Your explanation doesn't really help me understand what you're doing or what the problem is? Can you explain a little more clearly?
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im trying to use multiple intances of a looper plugin. lets say im using three. i want all three loopers to recieve audio from one audio source but the only way i can think to do so is to have the three loopers on three seperate channels all receiving audio from the track that i have my guitar going into. but doing things that way means that all the channels have to be monitoring the audio, which means that as soon as i stop recording the loop the mix drastically decreases in volume because its now actually the volume of only one of the loopers as oppose to all three when i was actually playing the loop.