People are always mistaken on what Syn actually uses. It's funny because he pretty much uses nothing. I'm an avid Avenged fan and by watching interviews and by understanding the band the more he he fits the description. I have no life so when it comes to this believe me ik. To get his sound all you need is a decent marshall amp or recently Hellwin. Hellwin amps I've seen are really expensive sooo your better off with a marshall. Fidget with it for about a month with sound settings, a boss cs3 compression sustainer, and his signature guitar. People have demos on youtube with the sustainiac it looks like its worth the money. Now ill prove what i mean.

How can a musician with all the money in the world not have any pedals? Well he does but he only uses them when needed and most of the time there not. Most are special effect like reverb, or chorus, or maybe flange. But for most all of Syn's rhythm and lead solos it's just the cs3. AT 4:20 IN THE VIDEO

[url="[watch?v=qjn6z3zFq9k"]Guitar Center

Now many say Syn sounds sloppy. Granted not every night is your best night but he is definitely the best guitarist of the 2000's. When he sounds sloppy it's because the direct input to a lousy recording most commonly found on youtube is not the best way to record. ESPECIALLY a recording with NO PEDALS. Obviously microphones are the best way to record but are hard to do due so with all the noise during a live show. EXAMPLE

Nightmare download

Now what you here from a direct input sounds so much more different than whats coming out the amp. I mean just plug in your headphones into your own amp it's crazy the difference. At least on my line 6 and buddy's marshall is does. To me it never sounds any good. Or even play through something like garage band. EXAMPLE THROUGH MICROPHONES


Iv'e hit up this kid before asking what he is using? He said the guitar and his amp that's it. He has a lout of videos he sounds a lout like Syn.


Most metal people do not understand avenged is not a metal band. Brian writes solos with tons of knowledge and music background that few have. He doesn't do that whole shred thing making you good. He writes with very creative chromatic composition that no one plays like. I cannot wait for the negative feedback I am about to get.

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1.SYN guitar center gear ff to 4:20

2Avenged nightmare download

3.Avenged nightmare live darien-vid creator quicky2g

4.Avenged nightmare live camden-vid creator GiLSON

5Avenged Nightmare Amsterdam- vid creator Manuela Bertolai

6.Nightmare best solo-vid creator AlexAnzjoen
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