What tired breath.
Grab the line fastened through the forest,
hold tight and find your way.
But for us, it's tied in circles.

Holy hell is this a drag,
to be caught in heaven long enough to see
that when I leave I can't go back;
would a made move have kept me?

The act was then, and this is now.
My head is all I'm stuck with,
and I won't see the tree for the forest:
a big, big idea of romance,
but I know that interesting is all I am to you.

I reached so far as it would let me,
but now you're just another perfect girl that will exit my life.
So I'm left at my brains mercy.
It just may break its holds
and rumble and shake through the trees,
free of its idiot host.
We're only strays.
Quote by 21wickwing
I agree if she is just another girl who will leave, might as well try right?

AS far as the poem goes... I liked it! The heaven verse was pretty powerful in my opinion.

i was going to pretty much say the same things.

thanks for sharing.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.