Hi all,

First post to your forums!

I have just picked up an emg81 that I am wanting to install in my epiphone g400. I've searched for ages and can't find anything specific.

I want to add it into the bridge and keep the passive neck. I know this will cause some funky wiring but hopefully because the guitar has independent tone and volume for each pickup it will simplify it a bit.

Does anyone have a diagram at all? The emg site only has one for the solder less system which I do not have.

Ad FYI, am am decent at soldering. That seems to come up a bit.

Cheers all
It is possible to mix EMG's with passive pickups. There are three possible wiring configurations; one is better than the other two.

Use the high impedance (250K-500K) volume and tone controls. The problem is that the high impedance controls act more like a switch to the EMG's. The passive pickups, however, will work fine. If you have a guitar with two pickups and two volume pots, with a three-way switch, there is another alternative. Use the 25K pots for the EMG, and the 250K pots for the passive pickup. This way you can use one or the other with no adverse affects, but with the switch in the middle position the passive pickup will have reduced gain and response.

Use the low-impedance (25K) volume and tone controls provided with the EMG's. The problem here is that the passive pickups will suffer a reduction in gain and loss of high-frequency response.

This is the best alternative. Install an EMG-PA-2 on the passive pickups. There are two benefits to doing this. With the trimpot on the PA-2, you can adjust the gain of the passive pickups to match the EMG's. The PA-2 acts as an impedance matching device so you can use the low-impedance EMG controls (25K) without affecting the tone of the passive pickups. You will also be able to use other EMG accessory circuits such as the SPC, RPC, EXB, EXG, etc. For this application, we recommend ordering the PA-2 without the switch for easy installation on the inside of a guitar."

My advice is, either switch to all actives in that guitar, or find passives that you like.

You might want to checkout the Dimarzio Activators, which are passive pickups that sound an awful lot like active pickups. They have more headroom though, since there's no preamp. I'm not saying the sound just like EMG's, but a lot of guys really love them, and I think they're a great design.
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Thanks man, I know it's possible I just can't find a diagram for it. My emg is second hand so it came with no wires and the only ones I can find are all for the solderless kit.

I've heard good things about the activators but I just bought the emg and want to stick it