So, it got here a full week early! Completed in 7 weeks time and in accordance with Carvin's ETA (+1 pt). So, anyway, I was beyond excited when it got here and I felt like a little kid opening up the box. When I opened it I grinned and was just drawn in by the beautiful finish and picked it up after a moment...or two. As soon as I felt it I was seriously awestruck by the craftsmanship this is bar none the best electric guitar I've played so far in my life and I have played a few good ones as well. Not many like some of you probably have but I have played good guitars and this one blows them all out of the water. Carvin really showcases itself well by having these great results, I mean I ordered this guitar completely in the dark (never having played one) and I felt like this guitar was made for me. Enough of my storytelling and on with the pics.

Hmm, so because I'm having troubled uploading pics to this website I'm going to post the link to my thread at Carvin's website. I don't mean to advertise I'll just have it up until I get the pics posted here. Can anybody enlighten me on my ignorance? It's been a long time since I've started using this site again so I've forgotten some things.

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Get an account at some sharing website like Photobucket, etc., and upload your photos there. Then just post the links.

BTW: nice axe!
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Dude that finish is amazing!!! Thanks for letting me know about the tung-oiled neck. Pleeeease post a vid of you playing that bad boy!
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Oh wow thats gorgeous.

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