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hello, there are so many diferent squier strats. some are cheap, some expencive. how wold the scale of quality look like from the cheapest to the high end?
i mean like:
no1. bullet
no2. afinity
no3. i dont know...
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The Classic vibes are good guitars. Imo they are prolly top of the mark as far as squire goes
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Classic Vibe is at the top. Some people will say that the Vintage Modified is next down, but the ones I've played have been terrible. Then you've got the Standards and Deluxe line, then the Affinities; Affinities made for the American market are better than the ones made for therest of the world. The Bullets are the bottom rung.

If you can afford a Clasic Vibe, get that, or a second hand MIM Fender. If that's a stretch, buy a Standard if you have to buy something new or buy a second hand Classic Vibe. If that is a stretch, buy a second hand Standard or go look at copy brands.
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I have an old squier Standard Series that i have changed everything on over the years. Only the input jack and the wood is squier And with all the high quality parts on it, it plays good. And sounds awsome with EVH frankenstein humbucker and texas specials.
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The old Squier Pro-tone series strats and tele's are probably the best squiers you'll find that are not MIJ.
The CV series is good also, but the Protone series is better.
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Personally, I never liked the Squiers. For just a little more money, you could have a real deal Fender. Just a preference of mine.
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Better to buy a $400 Mexican Standard used than to spend $400 on a Classic Vibe.
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I cant give you info on any of that but the squer bullet strat. I have one and don't really like it cuz i notice that sometimes when playing quietly so without an amp, you can hear buzzes near the tremelo. But im not sure if it's all of them or just my guitar, probably just mine. But one thing i like is how comfortable it is. I've played on other strats and they were much thicker and my friend has a fender mim strat and when he played mine he was surprised by how much more comfortable mine is than his.
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To a certain extent I can see why some suggested skipping Squier altogether, as they were producing some pretty low quality starter guitars for a while, but with Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified, they've upped their game.

It's also worth noting that while in the land of Teles and Strats it's feasible to get a MIM for not much more, you're talking a different game if you dig Jags and Jazzys. CP's run around $700 if you get a deal, compared to $270 for the VM line if you get a deal. Pretty big price variation if you ask me.