Guitar Hero succeeds at being a game.

It fails at having anything to do with playing guitar.
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I actually thought the last one they released (Warriors of Rock) was the best one for a long time. Seemed strange they released a much better one and then stopped making them.

Maybe thats where they went wrong, released too many average/poor ones so nobody gave the last one a chance.
it is good for establishing rhythm, thats about it. when you get to a real guitar you have to get used to the real guitar rhythm anyways. i honestly think it makes learning alot of other things on guitar harder at first, until you break out of the GH feel and get used to a real guitar. I made that transition years ago after being too good at the game. I'm not great on guitar but I have a passion for it and I've been learning something new every day. My advice, sell/break your GH games, their nothing but a fantasy and a distraction