I have upgrdaded my computer to Windows 8 and the current specs are:

AMD Anthlon(tm) II X3 435 Processor 2.90GHz
8GB of RAM
64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

I use a PreSonus Inspire 1394 and have just realised that this has now been discontinued and no drivers will be released to allow it to work with Windows 8....

This is my main computer for recording but I would like to have the option of recording on my laptop (Windows 7) so I would prefer to go back to USB rather than firewire.
I have used google to try and find out what is available to me but thought I would ask the kind members here.

I record guitar (mic & DI), bass (DI) and acoustic guitar (mic)

Can anyone suggest a DI box that can suit my specs and is within the £100-200 bracket?
Quote by K!!LsWiTcH
saffire series is firewire, scarlett series is usb

Wrong, the Saffire 6 is USB. The rest of the Saffire range is Firewire but its not all firewire.

Still, as suggested, Saffire 6 or Scarlett 2i4. Don't waste money on the 2i2, its terrible.
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I use a saffire 6 and i love it, and like lockwolf said the scarlett 2i2 is garbage. Cant really speak for the 2i4 though as ive never used it.
Sorry if this is a silly question, but rather than spend more money, can you just go back to Win7 and continue to use what you have?

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