Looking for a wireless guitar setup but I dont know too much about them. The line 6 one seems affordable but I have no idea what the downsides are. Just steer me in some direction
The G30 is very good, certainly useable. The G50 is excellent and I haven't tried the G90, but see no reason why it wouldn't be equally impressive since it's basically a rack version of the G50.
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My experience with them is limited but I've found nothing to complain about when I've had to use them. The sound is as good as any wireless system gets. My only concern is they're a bit on the chunky side and the batteries seem to drain a little faster than more expensive units, but you get what you pay for, I guess.
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I've gigged with the G50, great unit, great range and zero noise. Cable sim is cool also. Affordable, easy to use and solid build. The metal clip on the xmtr is very tight so it's not going anywhere. Some say the G30's housing/clip is a weaker plastic design. Also wish the input cable came in an angled plug option for guitars other than a Strat, but it's a minor nuisance. The G50 is definitely a winner for live performance.
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The only thing I recommend is using a zip tie to secure your transmitter to your strap. I had at least one incident when I just clipped mine to my strap. However, I can also vouch that the G50 transmitter will work perfectly fine after flying across a stage and getting stepped on by a bass player.

Seriously though, they're the best value for wireless units.
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I use the G30. For battery life, I use duracells, get about 7-8 hours of life. I've never gotten any interference. The clip on this one is cheap, being metal clipped onto plastic. For all of my gigs, though, I've just used electrical tape to secure it to my strap. These ones can handle quite a beating, as my transmitter has been dropped off of a 10 foot ladder and still functions perfectly.

My only complaint is the cable they supply, seeing as I prefer right angle ones, I ended up just buying a pack of pancake plugs at Radio Shack and putting them on the supplied cable.
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I have the G30, works great. Only thing is, I tape the lead into it, tape the battery compartment shut and tape it to my strap every show, all of those things I worry about unless I do that, but it's fine. Sounds no different to a cable.

EDIT: Also I use rechargeable batteries in it, last for at least 8 hours.
no complaints, just use rechargeable batteries. you'll be saving money after one week. g50 and my bass player is getting the g55 for the half rack space receiver.
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