Hi. I am replacing the stock emg (bridge position) in my jackson v to the Dimarzio x2n. However, the dimarzio site seems to only have the wiring schematic for a guitar with tone and volume controls.My guitar only has two volume controls. Does anyone have a schematic or know how to wire up the pickup to only the volume controls. Also this will be the first time I am replacing the pickup myself, and I am only replacing one for now so any tips or advice is much appreciated.

Red will go to the post on your selector switch, black and white will be tied together and covered with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape, and green and bare will be soldered to the back of the pot. Shouldn't be too hard.

Edit: this is assuming that your EMG's are passive. If they're active, you'll have to choose another active pickup to replace it or replace both pickups and pots, as you cannot mix active and passive pickups.
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so I wired it and everything came out fine. One thing I did notice, however, were about four or five small black wires going from the floyd rose and other parts, to the switch. What are these wires for?
Sounds like ground wires. I have seen some where they all terminate at the switch, and others like on that site, where all grounds go to the back of the volume pot.

If all your components are wired up properly according to whatever schematic you used, then just remove them. Probably the original wiring had all grounds going to the switch. Just make sure you still have one coming from the bridge when all is said and done.
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