I'm a fan of lower gauge strings. I was thinking about using a custom string setups. I like using 8's so i can fly around the fretboard and perform unearthly bends. I play very light as well but i hate the fact that the 6th string buzzes and I go out of tune rather quickly. Would the intonation or neck be messed up if i used these gauges


basically the bottom four of a pack of ernie ball 8's and the top two of the skinny top/heavy bottom.

I'm assuming you'd be tuning to E-standard or Drop D. In either case, you'll have a had time getting the heavier strings to intonate properly, those saddles will have to go back way further than normal.
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I do believe a pack of Ernie ball 8's TOP four strings would be 8, 11, 14, 22. The bottom two of STHB would be 42, 52 yeah. I don't see why it wouldn't be doable but I'd recommend trying Hybrids if you haven't already. They use the thinner top three super slinky strings, and the thicker bottom three regular slinky strings.