So a few weeks ago this popped up on kijiji: A Godin Artisan ST-1 Ultimate. It was originally listed at $700, then it went down to $650, then $595, now it's only $500--an incredible deal for an instrument of this quality, and id bet i could probably tlalk him down even more. That's like getting a PRS CE for the price of a used SE.

So that's not the problem. The problem is i dont have $500 lying around. I do, however, have a Fender Jaguar HH Special fitted with GFS Retrotron Nashvilles. Love the thing so much, it's been my favourite guitar ive ever owned by far. Unique as all hell, looks badass, feels amazing, and sounds great. I could sell it for at least $600, maybe $650. I just dont know if i should let it go for the Godin, even if the Godin is a better guitar.

So i come to you guys and ask WAT DOOOO
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I don't know if you'll get that much for the Jag, even with the upgrades. I got mine for $440 with a hard case, so unless your area has a markedly better sale value for those, it may be tough to do. I'd also say do it, but it's really a question of whether or not you'll like the Godin more. If you love the Jag, then you may end up with a guitar that doesn't quite fit your needs as well. Sorry if that isn't helpful, I just look at that as a major concern. I'd never sell my Jag Special (especially with the upgrades I've done) because I love playing it.
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