As a guitar player who learned from tabs about 10 years ago, I have always made it a goal to submit a tab out of respect to what got me started. I chose a tab which is currently not featured on UG. After 2 to 3 days it was denied without reason. I have seen countless inaccurate tabs approved on this site. The only reason I can imagine for being denied is the biased opinion that I am too new of a member to be taken seriously. Well, the only reason I became a member is to finally submit a tab. I could have joined 10 years ago, but it wouldn't have served any purpose in my mind. I hope this raises awareness to the people who run this site. I'm pretty disappointed that you didn't have the decency to notify me for the reasoning behind the tab denial. I've read posts from years back where somebody brings this issue up in the forums and the tab is then accepted. I hope you reconsider the situation UG.

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just resubmit it and post the tpa link in the 'wtf wheres my tab' thread,some one there will either approve it or tell you what if anything is wrong with it,dont take it personally,having tabs rejected happens to everyone now and then,
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.
Having a tab rejected doesn't mean much, if you know it's good there's another reason

Most often either the band name or title is incorrect or modified, you've submitted chords as a tab (or tab as chords), formatting isn't in the right standard, etc - things like that.
I once submitted a tab which got rejected, then re-submitted in the exact same way and it got approved so that means random rejections happen as well.

There are lots of very bad tabs being submitted to UG, I have no idea about the ratio of good vs bad tabs but probably way more tabs are rejected than approved - that means thousands of tabs a week...there are as far as I know just a few people making the decision - they just don't have resources to explain why tabs are rejected to every single one of them (and they make mistakes, sometimes like you said inaccurate tabs which should be rejected are approved)

Try what andherembrace suggested, cheers
I managed to get a hold of someone at UG and my tab was re-evaluated and then approved. Thanks for the input y'all.