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It's not as subdued style-wise as some folks seem to think guitars 'should' be, but it's a damn solid guitar.

I bought one a couple of years back, and just recently picked up one for my oldest boy because he fell in love with mine. I've got way too many guitars on the wall, and that's the one he likes best.

Of course I got mine for $350 with hardcase in 'near new' condition and we got his for $375 with a gig bag, also in those prices it's hard to complain much! Both are the C1-FR, for reference.

As noted elsewhere, don't let anyone else tell you if YOUR guitar is a 'good' guitar or not. If it works for you and you like it, it's a good guitar. Make, model, price, color, style etc. are all secondary to the equation. As an example, I've got one of the cheapest versions of the EBMM made (A Sterling SUB Silo3) and it's one of the 'best' guitars for me that I've ever owned. It's not the most expensive, nor I suspect are the electronics or woods used even close to equal of others that I own, but there's something about it that just fits me perfectly, that makes me enjoy playing it more. I can live with that.

I randomly find Squiers that feel nicer than some Fenders to me.

Strings are more about feel for me. I bounced between DR and D'Addario for a while and finally settled on D'Addario. They last and they feel nice. And they're pretty bright but that only shows when they're new.
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