I have noticed that the sustain on my ESP ec-1000 has been complete shit lately compared to my other guitars. A few months ago the bridge pickup would go in and out until I wiggled the cord a bit,but eventually it stopped doing that. Do you think it is the pickup or something else? I have tried a new battery since it is active EMG pickups and it is the same. Should I bring it to a pro to get set-up? I live in Venice, CA...where should I bring it to get set up? I have never done that before...
no idea where you should go... ask guitar playing buddies

anyways, poor sustain can be attributed to many things:
- check your battery again. I know it sounds silly, but too many people drop in a dead battery without knowing it.
- check your set-up: is the sustain poor across the whole fretboard or in specific areas? does the action rise dramatically at one end or the other? how close are the strings to the fretboard? a poor set-up can completely rob your guitar of any sustain.
- open up the back of your guitar and check all the electrical connections (usually not a cause, but you indicated you've had issues with the jack). very gently tug any connections- just enough to ensure they aren't broken.

once you answer these sorts of questions, we'll have a better starting point. most sustain issues are pretty minor, but you have to use some sort of process of elimination.
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Hows the sustain when the guitar is unplugged?
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Quote by AWACS
Hows the sustain when the guitar is unplugged?

most fruitful question on in here.

when i play a guitar that i have done anything to, i always play and adjust it unamped and see how it feel, especially on setups where at least me ear to a certain degree is more accurate to a mild fretbuzz or something else, then you plug it it.

if it isn't right unamped, it won't be amped.
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