Listen a bit to OneRepublic's upcoming album(I believe it's to be release today or something). Did an acoustic one take recording of the first tune on the album.

Quite different from the original I'd say. Tried to make some changes that would suit the whole acoustic setting. Threw in some random harmonies. Vocals especially could've used some retakes.

I'd like to hear anything you guys have to say anyways.


Dude, dude, dude!!!!! You freaking killed it!!! Never heard this song but I'm certain yours is better! You have an awesome voice. Love the finger style arrangement and the percussiveness and body tapping towards the end. The harmonies sound great to me as well! Ima subscribe to your youtube channel.
nicely done man ...sounds very good n i especially like the arrangement
Thanks for the crit!

First I gotta say - Awesome arrangement on the guitar (haven't heard the original version but I doubt one republic would do that on their guitars :p ), It felt slightly uneven in tempo in the beginning but that might be just me not understanding the song.

Nice harmony on the vocals! One thing about your vocals though, try not to raise your adam's apple, otherewise there will be this kermit-the-frog thingie in your voice :p . It sounds like you have the range for the song so try to think about this. I have a lot of friends who do this as well so it's nothing unusual .

Overall - great rendition!
Thanks for the good points. I am aware of the voice thing. It's something I'm working on. I have no formal training of any kind, and I've never been a great singer. But I try to know my limits and listen carefully to my own singing. I find that the occasional"kermit factor" is hardest to avoid in the middle of my singing range. Perhaps I should seek advice from a singer.
Some things that I think about when I sing is to try and sing with support as much as needed and to relax when inhaling. Try and keep an open throat and not tense up in your upper body or throat - that way you can focus more on not raising your adams apple. Also look up vowel modifications as that can help immensely on higher notes .