SO I'm a hugantic fan of whitechapel, though im not a fan of playing sig model guitars I just joined a dethcore band who is paying me so I figured I might as well go all the way. Even if my playing style is more that of melo death like scar symmetry and the likes.

So 899 and a few weeks later I have my new Alex Wade sig model ltd.
This is the first 7 ive owned with a 25.5 scale. my regius is 27 and my sls is 26.5
I was worried at first. but because of my small hands Im loving this length.
neck is not as thin as an ibanez wizard neck. and not flat like one either. its a good round neck great feel for rythym and chugs.

woods are mahogony wings on a 3 peice maple neckthrough. really nice ebony fretboard. and a seriously nice flamed maple cap. that i just cant good pics of with my phone :/
frets arent SS but ends are filed quite well for an ltd and feel great.
Esp locking tuners seem to be a grover ripoff and they do their job.

FINALLY!! an ltd with dimarzios and a hipshot... people finally have an option other than emg/jb and floyed or tune-o-matic bridge.

the d activator 7s are what they are. fantastic metal pickups tight and well balenced.
although this thing is just screaming for some covered warpigs...

ANDDDDD a family photo of my new dethcore rig haha
Broootalz geetars without a FR always seem weird to me... but I can see how this will work very well for the -core genres.

HNGD and HNAD (I had a good read of your Pitbull NAD thread but didn't post), I bet you're happier than a kid on Christmas morning with a new toy train set!
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Ha - I meant to ask you in your other thread if that was the Splawn cab.

Man - you are on a frickin roll

guitar looks pretty yummy....but it deserves a real camera


thank you sir.
Yeah I dont think ill ever get rid of the splawn.. such a well built cab. and it covers every tone I have with 3 bands. takes to different heads like a champ.
people keep tellin me to get the vht fatbottom now that I joined teh vht clan. but this sounds perfect.

I wasnt about to walk on stage with a regius in a dethcore band its just bar venues and the likes so far so im sure this thing will see its fair share of "use" but it feels like it should.. this guitar just asks to be played hard... fitting axe for the whitechapel name
under the 5153 it looks good... other than that.... its a sore thumb hahah.
im runing small 2 small blocks and 2 k-100s in a cross.
yeah yeah celestion mixed with eminance i must be insane.. but thats what i ended up with after an old speaker thread i made here..

and i couldnt be happier. the k100s compliment the mid range of the small blocks nicely and take care of all the lows.. its a very very huge sounding cab no matter what head I put on her.
Sweet rig dude. I love the Alex wade model, classy looking axe. Definitely an awesome rig, and you will have a pretty original sound with the VHT.
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damn that's nice.

interesting speaker combination but the way you describe them it makes sense that they would work well together.
What you really need is a 6505.

HNGD! That guitar looks frickin' amazing. I'm not a fan of WC, but that guitarist has great taste in design/style.
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What you really need is a 6505.

HNGD! That guitar looks frickin' amazing. I'm not a fan of WC, but that guitarist has great taste in design/style.

haha right?? what am I thinking,

this thing is actually one of the best quality LTD i have owned up to date.
the ONLY gripe is that the neck is painted :/. the Ben savage 7 (other WC guitarist) has an unfinished neckthrough. and its soooo fast.
The ltd end of esp seems to finally getting back to its old quality standards.. Im interested to get my hands on one of the elites now.

but his has a CL/LF and a floyed rose.. me and floyeds dont get along and the CL doesnt have enough guts for me. though I reccomend it to alot of people for the -CORE stuff.