First off, i know this might be seen as a very stupid question to some and i'm going to have a hard time getting my meaning through. i apologize if that is the case.

so, i am primarily a metal player. however, in the past few months i have been making clean parts for some of my songs, and it's fun

i play through a 6505 and i know everyone says "hurr durr 5150/6505 cleans suck" but when i play clean on it i don't really see what's wrong with it. it sounds fine to me. i nitpick the hell out of my distortion tones, and i know what to look for there. but since i don't play clean a lot i don't really know what to look for

in the first year i began playing i was 100% guilty of diming the gain and scooping the mids and back then i thought it was great, but now i know that is complete garbage

i want to make sure i'm not doing something similar to that with my clean tone
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this is all very subjective

only you, and your band, can define what a good clean tone sounds like

hell, we don't even know what you are going for outside of 'metal'

maybe post a clip of your current clean tone and ask for opinions, but even that will probably be redirected to the Tone Testing Thread
as stated there are many good cleans. Roland JC120 for SS, Fender black/silverface _________, are generally considered some of the best cleans.
i have a music man HD212 130 watt hybrid a lot, chose it over both of the others, i also have a silverface 1968 bassman.
mesa lonestars are great too

just search around. listen to clips on youtube.

you will not get anywhere near those amp's cleans out of a 6505 but hopefully you may have at least a brief flavor if you look around for clips.

but the 6505 does have passable cleans.
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I wouldn't consider either of those videos examples of good cleans.

If you want better cleans out of your 6505, get a clean boost and roll back the volume on your guitar considerably. You won't have a ton of headroom. Add some reverb or even some slight chorus or slapback to add a little depth to it.
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Throw a 5751 or 12AT7 in V1 of the amp, add chorus/delay/reverb; you'll get very usable cleans. It is subjective...headroom helps as does proper EQ...a little more low end, low/mids, rolling back the vol knob or using the neck pup or in between position. What makes a good clean tone is fiddling with your gear until you get a good clean tone. Also don't be afraid to break out an acoustic for clean parts...totally different feel and absolutely suited for clean metal passages. I've written riffs then tried them with an acoustic guitar and the difference in texture between the clean passage and the movement to a heavy electric tone is very powerful.
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Those clips sounded like humbuckers through some kinda fender with the treble cranked. Not very helpful but anyway that's what I hear
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