I recently fell in love with Blackmill's upbeat dubstep-ish electronic music. While it didn't make me want to make dubstep, I tried to adapt the same upbeat feel into my own electronic music. I'm really unfamiliar with writing upbeat music; it was actually a challenge for me to write in a major key. Could I get some opinions on what I produced? C4C

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Intro has a kind of sad falling down type of vibe to it, although when the deep bass comes in it kind of gives it a never give up or keep on going type feel. Part from 1:00-1:24 was a bit boring, but nothing really wrong with it. Really enjoy the bass parts. I feel like this song lacks dynamics. Everything seems to stay relatively at the same tempo, although the drums go a bit fast around the 2:45 mark, but the main melody and everything else stays the same and volume wise there isn't really any highs or lows.
Part starting at 3:16 was a nice change of pace that the song really needed. Really disappointed when it got to the 4:07 mark though. I think you should have done something really big there instead of that same melody that's been going on throughout, or just have ended the song at the 4:06 mark.

Song isn't necessarily bad, its just not the most interesting thing and that is mostly contributed to lack of dynamics. Which can be an easy fix. You got good ideas here, you just need to work on climaxing parts and using volume swells to keep things interesting.
Hope none of this sounded harsh, I just like to try to point out things you can work on to improve your music instead of saying simple things that don't really help you progress.

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I like your instrument choices and i think they work well together.
My overall feeling on this piece is that its too long, around the 1:30 mark i was wondering how this was going to last for 5:20. It feels good to listen to and is most definitely happy sounding but i think it could be shortened significantly and still get the message across just fine.

i like the sparser section at ~3:30. I think some contrast would do a lot to help this piece maintain interest. Maybe adding in a new lead instrument with a new melody line to break things up would help. Or like joshua said, some dynamic peaks and valleys would be nice!
Very upbeat.. like a Japanese gameshow theme tune. Bit repetitive and as said instruments sound very 90s nintendo.

Definately happy sounding, which is quite rare actually
Thanks for the feedback, everyone; I updated the link to a new version, with some minor changes to dynamics and some other stuff added in.
Hey man it's a nice song, I like the melodies. Reminds me of some video game music, like in Fez, actually makes me think of Nyan Cat as well haha. But to be honest it's a little bit too cheesy for my liking, but seeing as you were trying to write an upbeat song, then fair play you achieved that. For the most part I liked the choice of instrumentation, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the lead melody sound, probably just personal preference.

Generally though I enjoyed it, nice one
Well, I do aspire to write music for games for a living (I say aspire because I only have a few clients at the time), and I guess this was kind of practice to get me used to writing cheesier, upbeat music, so thanks. As for the lead sound, I was trying to find a balance where I'd have a legato, sliding sound between notes without making half of each note be out of key... it always ends up being harder than I expect.
Well like I said, I guess it's personal preference on that part. But in the case that this is supposed to be video game music then I think it's a perfectly fitting sound for the lead.