DETROIT — As was predicted, Gov. Rick Snyder recommended Washington D.C.-based bankruptcy attorney Kevyn Orr as the city's new emergency manager.

Orr is scheduled to begin his $275,000-per-year job March 25.

The crisply dressed, well-spoken lawyer calls bankruptcy management his "stock in trade," but hopes Detroit can avoid having to use his full expertise.


*not a company, a lawyer

Many are pushing for this to be challenged in federal court for being unconstitutional and undemocratic. I'm fairly sure the law that was originally put in place was voted down in November, but similar ones must have been put in place since.

You thoughts?
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They should just dissolve that city so we don't have to hear about their problems anymore.
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Isn't this how Robocop was?

Didn't a mega-corporation own Detroit?
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Well as long as he dresses crisply I don't see what the problem is.
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Well, the alternative is socialism, so I see no choice.

Really though, this can't be labeled as unconstitutional because there's nothing in the constitution about the powers of an executive official when his area (be in town, state, or nation) is going under in all ways. So this is a testing ground for new laws.

I don't like it, I feel it's a gamble with the devil. Whatever, though, might as well experiment with a doomed city. Poor Detroit. So many good things have come out of there.
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Isn't this how Robocop was?

Didn't a mega-corporation own Detroit?

"I work for Dick Jones. He's the number two man at OCP. OCP owns the cops."
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Isn't Detroit suppose to be some huge ghost town now

Parts of it. There are mass amounts of vacant houses for sale for really cheap (most of which likely have squatters in them).