It's not a nasty noise, but a hum. If I set the reverb on my amp to 0, then the amp might as well be off, since it makes not a sound. If I set the reverb anywhere past 4, I get this low hum, this feedback. I'm trying to figure if that's just how it works or if I can impede this in any way.
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This is a Transtube powered amp correct? Meaning it is a solid state amp with analog or digital effects? If that is the case - I think this will be difficult to diagnose and fix. If it has an actual spring reverb tank then there are some things we can do to troubleshoot so let us know.

What concerns me even more though is that you said that if the Reverb is turned to '0' the amp makes no sound regardless of what the amp's volume is set at? Weird. I wish I knew more about this amp but I don't so maybe someone else has an idea.

Does the amp have a factory reset option? Have you downloaded the user manual? Have you emailed Peavey? Have you posted on the peavey.com forum?
Alright, almost forgot about this thread. Found it when I was going to make it again lol.

It is a transtube. It doesn't have any other effects besides the standard pre/post gain, clean/lead channels. The reverb is definitely not digital. The amp has two springs in a box at the base of the amp housing.

I have not contacted Peavey about it yet. I figured I'd try here first.

There is no factory reset. Yes, I've downloaded the user manual and there are no clear cut answers.
Can you disconnect it?

Also bang on it and see if it changes.
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