Show yourselves. I know you're out there. In this demographic? You've gotta be out there. Let's talk about the joys of being in a kitchen 2 hours longer than you were supposed to, touching things that you would never let your children touch, the waitresses... (or waiters...)... the expired food that your manager says to go ahead and sell, or if you're lucky like me and work in a well run kitchen, the manager that literally does push-ups to get down on the ground and check underneath all equipment to make sure it was that well swept. *phew*

So, cooks, where ya at? What restaurant do you work at? Experienced? What's it like?
Im not a chef, but i felt sorry for you since nobody posted in your thread.

I know how to use the microwave though.
Cheesecake Factory, just started. Previous worked at a diner in PA for 2 years.
I was a chef apprentice (now a kitchen hand/assistant in the same kitchen) but decided to go to University instead this year, low pay long hours and a frustrating environment isn't really my thing but I'm finding it difficult finding a different job so I can't move on at the moment until I go to university.
I can cook, but besides things like quesadillas and grilled cheese, I can only make a few dishes of my own creation. I find them to be delicious, but I have never had anyone else try them.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
I make most stuff homemade, can't stand premixed or boxed crap.

I mix a mean drink too.

Here's some deep dish chicago style pizza I made a while back:

Takes like little over an hour to make/cook, but if you have someone to share it with so worth it. It's hard to eat even half of that 12" one, it's like 5 pounds.
Yesterday I made lasagna.

Consequently my girlfriend is a terrible cook, she can only use the microwave.

I worked the kitchen at mcdonalds, my cooking skills were as irrelevant, it was more button pushing skills.
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