Recorded this night. It's a pretty relaxing song with a catchy melody. There's an improvised lead part in the beginning of it, and the bass is semi-improvised. The drummer on this track is probably the best I've ever played with. Check it out if it sounds interesting to you, C4C.
I like the intro guitar riff but I wish it was a bit louder. The drums seem to overpower, volume-wise at least, a majority of everything else in the song. From what I can hear the bass sounds fine throughout. Drumming is nice too, but the whole volume thing makes it hard to enjoy the song as a whole, I think the drumming should be more in the background with the guitar parts upfront instead.
Main riff that gets repeated throughout is pretty catchy though and I like it. I think with a better mix I could appreciate this song a good bit more.
dude this is mad chill. my only complaint would be that there is some small offtempo parts, but that's just a recording thing you can easily fix. if you're looking for a critique on the song itself, I think its great and I'd love to hear a final clean recording of it if you ever do so. Maybe toss in a synth pad or maybe even an organ tone here or there :P but that's just me haha. great job.
I found it very pleasant and catchy. I instantly liked the vibe and the riff, though I really wanted to hear more bottom end and presence on the bass as it did a great job carrying the song along. I like the minimalist feel of it too. Would be interesting to hear it with some vocal work.

Like Jabbe, I also would have to criticize the timing here and there, but not terribly. I mostly enjoy a less than perfect attack, but at some point it begins to sound like a mistake and is distracting. It seemed to be particularly when the drums were doing a fill or something, like you were losing track of the beat. I don't know, but I have that same issue when I'm trying to record over some really busy drum parts...metronome to the rescue.

Good chill tune man...