I'm buying a (slightly) used B.C Rich Virgin VG-1 (the one with the fixed bridge) and a Roland Cube 30x for $450. Is this a good deal?

While we're at it, are these two pieces of gear any good? I hear B.C Rich's are mostly just looks.

Please don't direct me to U.G reviews, they're as helpful as a bag of herpes-AIDS.

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hey man do you know when the guitar was made? that would definitely factor in because those guitars are really inexpensive, you may not be getting "ripped off" but i honestly think you could get way more guitar for that much money. i know the roland 30x is a decent addition but youre paying more for the amp than the guitar imho.
^yeaaa i didnt wanna phrase it like that but yea its a shite deal hahaha
Low end BC Rich guitars get a lot of hate. I haven't tried them though. But still, doesn't look like a good deal and you could do a lot better than that for the same money.

What is your current gear?
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If you are getting used gear you should be able to get both things for like $200-$250. Is this one of those horribly overpriced craigslist deals? People like that REALLY piss me off. Go to Guitar Center you can get a $1,000 guitar gently used with the case for $450, but jackasses online try to sell used stuff at almost sticker price.

People need to realize how cheap their sh^t really is. If it's made in America or some rare high-end European/Japanese then you MIGHT be justified asking 50% or above what you paid for it, but that's about it.
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Yeah that's pretty bad deal, you're only paying roughly $75 less than if you were to get them both brand new.
My local CL never has anything for a reasonable price. It's pretty frustrating. Even stuff like mics and multifx units are only $20 less than new.

A few weeks ago I decided to buy a Squier standard as a pickup testing guitar. The only Squiers I could find on CL for under $100 were Bullets. Went to an EZ Pawn and got one for $50. True story.
That's a horrible deal! Especially considering the resale value of a bc rich, even in excellent condition, is extremely low. You should check out Agile guitars. You can get a used cube and a new Agile for that money. And Agile makes a damn fine guitar for astonishingly cheap prices.

I see the occasional $200 spider or $350 "Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Special...II" but for the most part I love my local Craigslist. I guess I'm lucky
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Yeah, I'm in the boat that this is not a good deal. What style of music are you looking to play? Follow the instructions in the "We need..." thread so we can better advise.

My local CL is ridiculous. There's a ton of stuff, but people are always looking to get paid back about 80% of what they paid, and unfortunately it's more realistic to expect about 60%. They always say "price is firm" and repost 8 or 9 times, adding bits in about how lowballers are douche bags and that they'll put it on eBay in 5 minutes if it doesn't sell. Ridiculous.
The reason I'm so desperate is because I live in a country where it's pretty hard to get a decent guitar + amp deal.

And as for me, I play mostly blues rock, hard rock and metal/thrash. I'm not too fond of the guitar either, just the amp, but the seller is not interested in selling the amp alone, so I'll just have to buy both and sell the guitar to fund a new one. The body shape would easily attract edgy teenagers :P

Well, what does UG think is the ideal guitar for me?

Budget : 250$

Favourite artists : Jimi Hendrix, Tom Morello, Dimebag Darrell, Jimmy Page

Preferences : Fixed bridge. Not too edgy. The Virgin barely gets a pass in my books. I hate the more 'metal' designs like the Warlock and the Beast.

Pickups : HH. At this budget, passive is the only option I have I suppose.

New or Used : I'm not picky at all.

Location : Doha, Qatar.

Current Gear : I sold all my gear when moving to Qatar. All I have now is a Yamaha F310p acoustic guitar.

EDIT: I just found out about a local dealer. He only have a few models though. Charvel Desolation DS-3, Hohner HR600 and Washburn RX22FR.

I'm leaning towards the Charvel due to its fixed bridge and classy looks, but the other two guitars seem good too. Which one would you recommend out of these three?
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