Looking for suggestions for a chorus pedal. I have an old DOD ice box that i love the sound but it irks me that it messes with my tone. So i was looking for something true bypass. I was listening to the Wampler Nirvana but i didn't really like the sound maybe it was just the reviewer because they well play Nirvana and that's not the chorus sound I'm looking for.

Here is my current effects

Compression - Mad Professor Forest Green
Distortion - EH Metal Muff (personally my favorite distortion that i owned)
Overdrive - TS808 Hand Wired
Wah - JC95
Noise Gate - ISP Decimator
Expression - Whammy V

Any Suggestions?

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Red Witch Empress chorus
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I have an Ice Box too, and I also have an Electro Harmonix Small Clone that I think sounds better. A 2-way depth switch and a rate knob, and I can still get a wider variety of sounds out of it than the Ice Box.

Buddy of mine has an MXR Analogue Chorus that sounds pretty nice too, I think either the EHX or MXR will both run like $80.
Hardwire CR-7 or TC electronic corona chorus. both under $90 used, and around $130 new
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MXR Analog Chorus. $80 on Amazon.
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