So I'm looking to upgrade from my Blackstar HT40 because it doesn't seem to have anything that stands out in the clean channel besides having a really cool overdriven sound with the inclusion of dirt. I love the cowboy desperado sort of sound (Intro riff of Walk Hard the movie/soundtrack) and meaty tones such as the ones found in "Don't Take Me Alive" (Steely Dan), "Kings" (Steely Dan), One of These Nights (The Eagles), "Personal Manager" by Albert King but would absolutely love to get the cleans of songs such as No Quarter (the clean lead anyways, it's really jangly and doesn't get harsh), "Gypsy Eyes" by Hendrix, "Love Me Two Times" by The Doors.

Ideally I'd love the amp to be versatile but from my experience that generally means more stuff I gotta deal with to dial in a tone. I play Hard Rock, Classic Rock, but now I'm looking for some with more emphasis on the clean sides of things while being able to produce a wall of sound in the style of Hendrix. My guitar is a Gibson '61 reissue SG and I'm looking to spend about 800-900 on an amp I can gig with and has alot of headroom.

Are Silvertone amps any good? I found a Sears 1964 Silvertone 1484 Twin 12 for $550 but the original speakers are gone and so are the tubes.. I played a Vox AC30 which was really nice and had what seemed like an 'honest' tone.. I can't really describe it.

I know I posted alot but any input would be appreciated, I keep checking out videos on Youtube but the real thing ends up sounding way different and living two miles away from the nearest guitar shop doesn't help haha
Peavey Classic 30 if you want a solid less expensive alternative
Pretty versitile also
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i agree with the classic 30 its great at the classic rock sound and with a boost or distortion can ge tto those heavier tones

the ac30 is also great at those tones but i find it too bright for my tastes

were gonna need a budget though

edit i just saw that 800-900
you could easily get a marshall jcm for that price
o a bugera 1960
maybe an egnater tweaker or rebel

i seem to be drawing blanks on amsp right now
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He wants cleans more than anything. I say Classic 50 with a solid fuzz or distortion pedal.
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