Hey! Been a long time since I've been on any UG forums. Used to spend time at GB&C when I had time to spend.

Anyhow, here's my problem:

I own a mid-70s Univox Coily and love it. Fully hollow, with weird single-coils that look like humbuckers.

I'm having an issue with the neck pickup, and it's been like this since I bought the guitar (I didn't pay much - $175, IIRC). The problem is, I'm not sure how to explain the issue. I'll try my best, and bear with me.

The pickup has gone microphonic, to the point where I can sing through it. That isn't the problem, per se. I know how, in theory, to wax pot a PU, although I haven't done it.
The real problem is that the microphonic signal seems to be all that comes through. In other words, I'm not getting anything like a conventional guitar pickup signal when that P/U is engaged. If you tap on the pickup, you can hear that. If you contact a string against the polepiece, you hear that as well, but I don't know if that's because of the microphonic effect or the electromagnetic signal.

And yes, the entire wiring harness is hooky. It's a mid-'70s Japanese guitar, and that's to be expected I suppose. I just don't think I'm up to doing exploratory surgery on a hollow-body, and I know I don't want to spend lots of $$ on getting it fixed if the pickup is completely shot.

Is it possible for a pickup's magnets to degrade to the point where it will transmit a microphonic signal but not a magnetic one?

if a pick up doesnt have a magnet good luck on trying to get any signal

but how loud are you playing your amp through it?could be just feedback
my freinds hollow body had a similar issue that was solved by redoig thewriring
the solder was really shitty

and pick ups are pretty sturdy i dont think ive had a pick up break becasue of the magnets usually tis the coil that goes

anyway if i were the one in charge of fixing this problem id probabaly look at all the wiring(maybe you can get inside the body by removing the pick ups)